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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Note to a friend after a visit to Boston

I'm in Kuwait. That's possibly as far away from everything as I can get. And my hotel room, although fabulous, is completely trashed. 80's hair band drug fueled after party kind of trashed.

While looking over my wonderful mess with a deep appreciation and contented sense of accomplishment, not unlike what I imagine god felt after creating the heavens and earth from nothing, I couldn't help but notice 2 things. 1: I stole your light blue socks. That made me laugh. Especially since they were still a bit wet from the laundry when I packed them and after 24 hours they made my suitcase smell all rank and moldy. And 2: My hair really is EVERYWHERE! As much as I leave stuck in couches and beds it's really is a wonder that I have any left. How ever do they get it out between room occupants. I, for one, would never want to take that job on. But the idea of someone else having a naked monkey hotel room dance party surrounded by my DNA really freaks me out! It just isn't polite, I say!

I guess that you're right. Maybe I SHOULD wear a shower cap around the house. That'd be hot, right