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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In honor of my having passed my annual flight attendant retraining day I leave you with a collection of pictures that I have aptly titled: Insane Things Found Only At Flight Attendant School. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Posted by Picasa

Love Banana (Weird Pilot Gift) Posted by Picasa

Who You calling a dummy? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ross the Mystery Food Chef

Now that Ross is 30 he has officially lost his mind. I had suspected long ago that he was on his way. But dinner the other night is absolute confirmation. Ross cooked. He made a casserole. I think. Trust me, words couldn't do it justice.

Firstly, he is an oddly suspicious and paranoid cook allowing no one into the kitchen while he prepares. But judging by the taste, texture and colors of food and also the packaging remains I found in the garbage I will try to decode his recipe for you:

Ross's Recipe:

lots of eggs
Frozen Spinach
Whole Olives
Tuna Fish
Diced Tomato

Mix all together and pour into baking dish.
Cook 45 minutes or until the voices in your head tell you that it is done. Enjoy!

Ross Makes a casserole Posted by Picasa

Shannon has lost her fool mind Posted by Picasa

Shannon prepares for a night on the town Posted by Picasa

Japanese Garden Entrance Posted by Picasa

Pretty mosaic at Restaurant in Northy Beach Posted by Picasa

Shannon is mostly passed out like a vagrant in Washington Park Posted by Picasa

Oh the mystery Posted by Picasa

Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park Posted by Picasa

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Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park Posted by Picasa

The warrior cry! Posted by Picasa

That's a man!!! A dancer at Asia SF drag restaurant Posted by Picasa

Alanna and Shannon Posted by Picasa

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Street is al dressed up for Chinese New Years in SF Posted by Picasa

Who doesn't need a table full of penis Posted by Picasa

Alanna Posted by Picasa

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Shannon climbing a wall in slippers at EMS in SF Posted by Picasa

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