World Airways Commercial from 1985 starring George Burns


Friday, January 27, 2006


GO SEE SPAMALOT!!! It's on Broadway and it's ridiculous. I laughed I cried. I nearly peed. Ross's 30th birthday is Valentines day. What in the hell should we do? I suck at this stuff. And he's no help.

I haven't worked in ages and I am enjoying that. With a little luck I have no plans to work until the 15th or so. Be jealous. Life is good.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Death By Jet Lag

Is it possible to die of acute jetlag? Let me tell you there is nothing remotely cute about this jet lag. Yes, I worked all night. I have been awake for 28hrs and counting. I think that my eyeballs are bleeding. I've lost all power of speech.

And now a haiku:

Rest for the weary
Running on euphoria
Please bring me a beer

p.s. Does anyone know how to say "culinary" in sign language? As in 'Culinary' Abortion? That's my latest descriptive phrase to describe airplane cuisine to any passengers that may happen to inquire.

Isn't family Special? Me and the monster in NYC on December 23, 2005 Posted by Picasa

Me and the Baby Monster Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Baby Monster!!!! Don't be fooled buy those pretty eyes! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Ross! Posted by Picasa

I should have known better than to buy a baby a "Diva" costume. I guess she fancies herself an actress. Posted by Picasa

Shane(ny nephew one of the fart tornado kids) and a really big box! Posted by Picasa

Nothing says Christmas quite like waking up to a pool of baby pee. This picture is of peanut (my niece) and I tyring to the blowdry the mattress on my pull out couch Christmas morning. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving with the girls. Posted by Picasa

Ross tskes multi tasking to a new, truly horrifying level as he shows that one can pee and make dinner at the same time. Yes, lovelies, he is cooking fish in a rotisserie in our bathroom. It is somehow the only room that has a vent. Posted by Picasa

West Point Military Academy in Novermber as seen from across the strret from where I live. Posted by Picasa

The clan (aka. Ross, Daddy, Me, Gab, Tim and Bob aka Ross,s dad) on a lovely November day. Posted by Picasa

Storm King Gap on the Hudson River  Posted by Picasa

Sign language and flight attendants

Happy holidays my friends. We are another year older and damn fine looking if I do say so. I am in Ireland having spent the better part of the crossing teaching flight crew to curse at one another in sign language. I feel that I am doing the company a service as at it seems far more professional to having them cursing silently iat one another nstead of the typical audible potty mouth that most aircraft galleys contain in excess. I'd teach them to say nice things, but I really don't know any. Each gives what they are able. And it seems my abilities include and are dismally limited to a truly sailoresque vocabularly. Does that make me multi lingual?

Tomorrow I am off to parts unknown with a quick stopover in Dublin: Home of the Fairy Investigation Society. Yes, the Fairy Investigation Society. Hm.