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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ross Is Weird

Ross is weird. I know that I say this rather often, but he is! It's not my fault that Ross is weird, really.

Lately, he has developed a very odd obsession. He is always trying to cook the salad. I have asked him repeatedly not to do this as I want to eat the salad and it tastes truly disgusting. But he will not be swayed. It seems every time that I come back into the house after a short absence he is holding the salad bowl over a pot filled with eggs and any other type of savory he can get his oven mitts on. Have you ever tried cooked salad? Not so lovely, I promise. According to Ross it is the perfect accoutrement for any meal. If you ever meet Ross and he offers to cook for you, please politely decline and go to a restaurant instead. You'll thank me. I promise.

p.s. trust me on the not cooking salad thing!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mole Mole menu cover in Poughkeepsie NY. What exactly are they trying to say? But do not be alarmed ROss and I eat there often enough and we have not died. It is our favorite.  Posted by Picasa

When Marines dress in drag. Why is it that Marines, more than any other service love to tie on a scarf and help the flight attendants on aircrafts. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE this. There is nothing quite like a buff 20yr old marine wearing a scarf and picking up trash. Posted by Picasa

Sign on the wall at Mole Mole. This is Ross's and my favorite Mexican place in Poughkeepsie NY Posted by Picasa

What did the military do to poor mike. He is home from Korea and officially out of the Air Force. Yippee!!!!! He is one of my oldest and weirdest friends ever!  Posted by Picasa

Baby Monster is getting way too big!!! Posted by Picasa

Donna and Brian after a few drinks Posted by Picasa

Snow falls in Frankfurt Posted by Picasa

On my last trip 4 of 9 flight attendants had birthdays! Whew! that is a lot of celebrating to be done. This is two of the birthday babes at our massive birthday celebration at Leons restaurant in Frankfurt. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Personal Lows

Recently I have reached many personal lows. I spent 35 hours on the same aircraft. Imagine, if you will, 35 hours on that lovely airplane clad completely in polyester. Nylons, uniform, you name it. It was polyester. Not exactly a traveling fabric. It doesn't breathe. WHat a smell. And all to arrive home from Bahrain 24hours early.

On arrival to the US I decided that I had not worn my polyester nearly enough so I wore it a few more hours and flew home to visit the fam in Syracuse NY. Of course, on arrival in Syracuse I wore it out to dinner with daddy. WHat's a few more hours in the polyester between friends.

And if we're going to talk about cleanliness lows achieved, we might as well cover my blue jeans. I have been wearing them nearly everyday since february 25. Without laundering them. In fact, I have them on right now. Last night I took them off to go to bed onlhy to realize that they no longer required unbuttoning to remove. And those of you who know me should realize that that is no small feat. I have an enormous ass.

On the train ride home from Syracuse yesterday I had an enlightening talk with mama dukes. She reminded me that I went through a supremely unclean faze lasting from about 8-10 grade. She told me I wore the same pair of pants for the better part of all three of those years and mostly slept in them to avoid the early rising on school days.

I don't remember this, but would mom lie?

SO in close I will leave you with a recreated transcript of a conversation with Ross I had the other day in Syracuse. Hew was annoyed because I hadn't come home.

Me: Are you mad at me?

Ross: Yes!

m: Why?

R: You're not here!

m: i come home tomorrow. Will you be mad at me then?

r: Yes!

m: Why?

R: Because I will have known that you weren't here yesterday!

princess said: "Woof! wOOF!" and then farted

And that is my life today, in a nut shell.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My favorite airport sign in Adana Turkey airport Posted by Picasa

Worlds second largest mosque. Adana Turkey Posted by Picasa

Shannon channels Kim Mathers Posted by Picasa

Why SHannon and I should not drink beer in the morning Posted by Picasa

Bridge built by the Romans a couple thousand years ago. It was finally closed to traffic a few weeks ago. Posted by Picasa

I am holding Sergina Donatella Posted by Picasa

Airplane baby. Or why flight attendants should not be denied sleep. Also known as Serge and Donna's love child. Posted by Picasa

Crazy Serge all dressed up in Adana Turkey Posted by Picasa

Donna (flight attendant I work with) and Reese the pretty Turk Posted by Picasa

THis reallys says something about florida drivers, doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Istanbul not constantinople

I have been a busy girl. In the last 10 days I brought visited the fam in Fort Lauderdale. I brought rather rich older people to Brazil. I spent an insane day and night tooling around Istanbul. I Saw the worlds second largest mosque and bridhe built by the Romans in Adana Turkey. I went to Bishkek Kyrgystan in the middle of the night. And now I am in Frankfurt Germany resting up for a massive crew birthday party this evening as 4 of 9 of us have birthdays this month. ANd tomorrow I will go to Bahrain.

I told you I was busy.

Pictures coming soon.

Sorry I haven't called, dad. I'll be home in a few days.