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Monday, June 26, 2006

Me and mini me are of to Canada

Me and mini me (aka the midget, or my niece destiny)
are off to the golden shores of Canada for our much
anticipated road trip. We will spend a wet nights
camping in Maine this evening. ANd then on to Pricne
Edward Island tomorrow. And from there, who knows.

As research we have both spent time rereading the Anne
of Green Gables books and we are much armed with
literary knowledge. So fear not! Gentle readers.

Wish us well. Pray that we do not kill each other on
this over a thousand mile each way adventure.

Canada here we come!!!!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meet Fluffy Schmutzer Posted by Picasa

Moo Posted by Picasa

Fluffy Posted by Picasa

Destiny Posted by Picasa

Meet Fluffy Schmutzer Posted by Picasa

Memories furniture shop near Roscoe NY Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Yippee! Baby Monster has graduated pre school. It's on to college in the fall. Posted by Picasa

Meet the Black Widow. Be afraid! Posted by Picasa

Peacock Posted by Picasa

It makes a killer bra, but It also makes a lovely summer bonnet for my niece. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fluffy Schmutzer! NOOOOO!

Dude, Fluffy Schmutzer's ass is on fire! She makes smells that shouldn't exist. What have we been feeding her? Is this the revenge of god for some long forgotten act of vitriol I commited in another life? THat's the only thing that I can imagine. And all this while I was giving her a bath. Doesn't she know that farts smell way worse in the bath? Or is that part of her master plan? Hmmm.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cliffs of Moher Posted by Picasa

Burg Nanstein Posted by Picasa

Indira and I molest poor poor Mario Posted by Picasa

Only in Germany Posted by Picasa

Indira and Me with the crazy looking stone head in the creepy castle basement Posted by Picasa

I am sorry that this sign is a bit blurry and shiny, but in the end the message is too important to dismiss off hand. And also, when I read it I laughed so hard I almost peed. Posted by Picasa

Excwellent sign at the Cliffs of Moher Posted by Picasa

Countryside Posted by Picasa

Irish countryside near the Cliffs of Moher Posted by Picasa

I think that this sign is telling you not to dance yourself into such a frenzy that you fsall off of a cliff. And I thought that that was just an old wives tale.  Posted by Picasa

Cliffs of Moher Posted by Picasa

I love clear cut directions. Please read the last line. It truly doesn't get much clearer. THis sign is at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Posted by Picasa

Fluffy Schmutzer, Yurts and Snot

As you probably know, I want another dog. As you also
probably know, I do things a little backward. I chose
the doggie name well before I chose the doggy.
Really, it makes things much easier. You can't name a
dog Fluffy Schmutzer and then get a dog that isn't
fluffy, can you? Or maybe you could if you had a deep
and abiding love of blatant irony. But in any event,
I think that there is a lot of power in a name. I also
think that Fluffy Schmutzer imbues only nice dog
qualities. Any dog that seems to live up to that name
is going to be good.

Ross and I found the PERFECT Fluffy Schmutzer. She is
old. NO spring chicken certainly. She is a sheepdog
terrier mix. Can you imagine those two getting it on?
Insane looking, I imagine.

Fluffy Schmutzer is afraid of doors. SHe does not
like them unless they are firmly shut or perfectly
open. NO half way for her. SHe just barks at them or
won't come near them. She has gas. It smells so
wrong. WHat in the name of all that is holy is in her
food! And what breath! THere are hardly words. But
she is loveable and cuddly and has big eyes.

In family tradition, I considered naming her Pork
Chop. But as all of the family Pork Chops didn't end
too well I gave her a more hopeful names. Let's just
say that my older sister and her children (Shane and
Destiny) have a way with cats.
Enough said.

On to Yurts.

I have decided that Ross and I should live in a Yurt.
I love them. WOuldn't it be so much fun to invite
your friends and family over to visit your Yurt?
Dinner at the Yurt? Christmas in the Yurt. YOu get
the idea. Everyone should live in a Yurt. I think
that I should start a Yurt City. I'll call it Yurt
City. Please visit
People so you, too, can fall in love with a Yurt. You
canbe my name in Yurt City. We'll all have dinner
parties and barbecues at our Yurts. You'll all be

And lastly, we must talk about snot. I am sick. In
the head, yes but that isn't at all what I am
referring to. I have a virus. Or at least that is
what the doctor says. I was sure that it was the
Dreaded Logi, but he stubbornly refuses to diagnose.
I tried, wholeheartedly in fact, to convince him that
I did indeed have the Dreaded Logi and taht the only
cure was to not go back to work until fall. Everyone
knows that the only proven cure for the DL is to take
the summer off! But alas. He said that my snot is
simply not the right color. It isn't green enough.
Damn snot! Who else can you politely discuss snot with
anyways. I think that it is a truly underutilized
conversation tidbit. Go on kids, talk about you snot.
Don't be afraid of the snot. THe doctor does it.

By the way, I have lots of it going on today, but
mines mostly clear not green meaning no dreaded logi

I'd love to invite you all over, but alas, I am
contagious. So you all must stay away.

p.s. When ROss told me that I put the HO into Hotel,
that was a compliment, right?

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