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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beaufort South Carolina

I am in Beaufort. They roll up the grass on Sundays. It is Sunday here. Somehow I found a place to amuse myself. Go Luthers!!!! Can you say Jager Bombs? I can. Barely. It is rather hard to say much at all right now.

Ross passed his first major graded recital of his PHD program!!!! Yeah Ross!!!!!!!! And he bought us season passes to a water park in New Jersey. I have no idea why. But it does sound like fun.

Have I mentioned that tonight's ghetto plex smells of urine and popcorn. And oddly heady and truly appalling fragrance. Please do not turn it into a candle or room spray.

Tomorrow I am off to Brunswick Georgia. Mama dukes is meeting me there on Tuesday. We are staying at this crazy hippy hostel that I have been talking about visiting for almost 10 years called Hostel in the Forest

You should all go there.

I need sleep. Beaufort SC rocks. You should all go there as well.

Much love,

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I have reached new levels of weird

Hello friends and family. I have reached new levels of weird. In the past 3days I have been on three continents (twice in Europe), hitchhiked at an airport, drooled on a soldier, found a pickle called "hot mama" (so gross!!!) rode the same airplane for over 30 hours, rented a car and started a totally pointless road trip to Valdosta GA and been picked up by the manager at a rural Burger King. I am currently at a tres ghetto econo lodge in Kenly NC where a very loud party is happening outside my paper thin door and life is wild. But at least my car is nice! I will explain in order.

three continents: I started my 30hr work day in Germany and worked to the middle east. I then road the aircraft to another (secret :-) mid east location before riding it back to Germany and then on to Baltimore.

hitchhiking at an airport: I got lost at duty free and had to find a ride back to my airplane. I was so tired my eyeballs were bleeding. THis happens.

drooled on a soldier: I fell asleep on his shoulder. I drooled. He still tried to give me his number. I guess that a year in the desert will do that to a boy.

"Hot Mama": Never eat this pickle. As entrancing as hot mama not do this.

30 hour airplane ride: What can I say. I love the pain!

Valdosta Road Trip: My next work trip starts there. Instead of flying, like a rational person, I have decided to drive.

Burger King: I'm driving through the drive through trying to get a veggie burger. As it takes longer to prepare the nice BK girl delivers it out to my car when it is finished. She hands it to me and then hands me a piece of paper and a pen and tells me that her manager also told her to get my phone number. Smooth. And I must say, that is some worker. As Ross said "There is no "I" in "Team" at that Burger King! I truly wasn't sure whether I should be apalled or flattered. I, of course, choice flattered. Wouldn't you?

And now, of course, I am way too tired to actually sleep. But I will try.


p.s. I have to give a shout out to all my crazy court reporters in training over at the Sheridan Technical Center

Hey little sister! I love you!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sean McMenamin

Sean McMenamin was a wonderful person. He was a talented musician and an artist. He was also my little step brother. He died on April 8th in a terible car accident in Syracuse NY. He was 23. God, we miss him!

Sean's Obituary Posted by Picasa

Sean and Gab at Gab's rehearsal dinner Posted by Picasa

Sean me and Gab Posted by Picasa

Sean  Posted by Picasa

Baja Baja Baja How I miss thee

Well kids, I'm home from vacation. Much has happened. I feel older, wiser, tanner, calmer...lot's of 'ers'. So in chronological order I give you my Baja vacation...

Favorite quotes and things overheard while in Baja:

"Erika, I know that you're a tease...but I hope your not only a tease..."(followed of course by some drunken groping)
-as said by Crazy, hippy swinger wife lady to yours truly. WHat can I say, I have crazy appeal.

"I know this is probably making you uncomfortable and that you don't like it, but I'm going to do it anyways."
-as said to dear Morgan as crazy, hippy swinger husband presses his stuff all up on her back and refers to it as dancing while she sits at a picnic table on Tequila night at the beach.

All in all another lovely, weird and wild amazing vacation with my new peeps on the Green Tortoise . See you next year big green bus!

Final liquored up night in ensenada Posted by Picasa

Road side stand.  Posted by Picasa

Little person. I love little people! Posted by Picasa

THis is Greg he ordered number 53 Posted by Picasa

Stare closely at the menu at number 53 Posted by Picasa

Military checkpoint. If you have any complaints or suggestions, please call...Please call who? THere is no fricking phone number!!! Posted by Picasa

Ross's favorite cactus ever! Stare intpo the lower right corner and play "where's erika and ross" Posted by Picasa

stare into my glowing breasts Posted by Picasa

hotel at loreto Posted by Picasa

GOrgeous hotel in Lareto Baja Posted by Picasa

Ian, Me and Sevil the devil Posted by Picasa

Beach cherub Posted by Picasa

Ross looking all rock and roll with general Lee at the goat farm near camp. Posted by Picasa

little family at the goat ranch a few miles from camp. Posted by Picasa

CV, Ian, and David. I love David. He gave me a cool hat. Posted by Picasa

dinner prep at camp Posted by Picasa

Dinner prep at camp. We eat well. Posted by Picasa

sea anemone skeleton Posted by Picasa

Puffer fish mummy Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Sea gulls, not so smart. They lay their eggs in the sand right on the beach in full view of predators. Posted by Picasa