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Monday, November 28, 2005

Stupid Stupid Stupid

I am stupid stupid stupid. For a smart person that is. I am engrossed in a novel called ´´The Satanic Verses´´by Salman Rushdie. I was scheduled to be headed to the middle east today. Luckily I got sick instead. As my doctor was examining me he looks over and reminds me that they don´t exactly like Rushdie in the Middle East. They have been threatening to kill him for ages, actually. And, this should go without saying to a Jewish middle eastern bound flight attendant, they really don´t much like his books in their countries. Can you say duh?


weirsdo said...

For those types, your nationality is probably enough to get you on the enemies list, but there's nothing like calling attention to your alien views.

Dan Sullivan said...

Midnight's Children is a much better book. I have the Satanic Verses next to a copy of the Koran on my bookshelf, well it seemed logical to me at the time.

Erika said...


Yes, there really is nothing quite like being a Jewish female in an Arab world. I should probably go easy on the reading materials, eh?


Ah, a healthy sense of irony. What more can you ask for in life. Excellent taste, kid.