World Airways Commercial from 1985 starring George Burns


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cliffs of Moher Posted by Picasa


Dan Sullivan said...

Seems you won't have too many chances to visit the cliffs with work again. Sure we hardly knew ya.

I'll bet Leipzig just won't be the same! They'll probably have air cons for a start!

"A sister company of World Airways, which announced this week it is moving its military technical stops from Shannon Airport to Leipzig in Germany, has said it shares "the same economic concerns" as the world's largest carrier of US military personnel.

Asked yesterday if it was considering a move from Shannon, a North American Airlines spokesman said: "Possibilities are being considered as a normal course of business. North American is a subsidiary of World Air Holdings, as World Airways is, but we operate them separately . . . North American Airlines have the same economic concerns as World Airways but there is no review in place at the moment."

If North American Airlines were to move, Shannon would lose as much as 75 per cent of its US military transit traffic business.

The decision of World Airways to pull out of Shannon was welcomed yesterday by Roger Cole, chairman of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (Pana), who said the decision was a victory for peace activists."

Erika said...

don't believe anything relating to my company until it happens. I am usually the last to know. Many of us are saddened at the thought of leaving Ireland as well. I am sorry about any adverse conditions that this may cause. The airline industry as a whole is a tenuous changeable thing. We will miss you, Ireland!