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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alias, Gas and Prince Edward Island

My 14 yr old niece Destiny and I are back from our 2 week road trip from NY to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. And with the exceptions of threatening to have her spayed and leaving her stranded alone in a farm field for a while we got on famously!

After nearly two whole months not working I am in Ontario California preparing to head out to Alaska tomorrow night. Getting here was a bit of a chore due to insane weather in NY. But here I am. I swear I always end up sitting next to the farters! How will I ever get that smell out of my hair?

It is 5 am east coast and I am still awake watching Alias reruns and wishing I were asleep.

Destiny is at Ross's mom's house gearing up for a week of tennis camp. But mostly she is avoiding Ross as he insists she need to be "made" (ala that crazy MTV show). I fear for her. Ross can be a total tyrant when it comes to athletics.

As promised check out all the road trip pictures. I'll take some pics in Anchorage and post them soon.


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