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Thursday, July 27, 2006

We'll put some skittles in the bunny and wack it with sticks!

From the proud participants of the disco nap I am
pleased to bring you...

Taxidermy Pinata making: Two great crafts combined
for oh so tasty results!

I am in Leipzig. It is obscenely lovely here. I am
so tired I think that my eyeballs are bleeding. But
sometimes it is a damn shame to sleep away a day. yet
Sometimes you must. I flew all night.

I visited the church where Johann Sebastian Bach was
the organist. He is also interred there. I felt
close to god. And that is saying something as I am
quite the little agnostic. Bach can do that. There
is music everywhere here. It ricochets off the
cobbles and red tile roofs. Everywhere there is a
young jeans clad string trio playing on a pedestrian
street or two old men standing on a street corner
playing duets on an accordion. I could live here.

Home soon.


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