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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dorky Men

What is it about dorky men? I just want to hug them. It's this unreasonable urge that I am always having to hold myself back from. Most men, I find perfectly resistible. Pretty men, yeah, there nice and all. But what girl wants a boy to be prettier than they are? Not me, I'm way to vain for that. And I know that there are lots of girls out there that love the big, hulking, I can lift you over my head without even breathing hard kind of men, but they're not for me either. I want my man obsessed with my boobs, not his own!

Those who know me well, they know that I'm not particularly cuddly. So this hugging thing is a little, no a lot, out of character for me. It may sound innocuous, maybe harmless to you, but don't be fooled. This one time, I was staying at a hotel that was hosting a Dungeons and Dragons convention. Dork City. The oft denied urge to hug almost sent me into fits. Not a pretty site!

Self Denial really sucks!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a dorky man. In fact, I went for an audition with the "dorky" costume, just fitted right in. The stereotype is still alive and well! Jocks, cool people, little personality - dorky means at least you are willing to be vulnerable and open.