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Friday, May 18, 2007


Dear readers,

It has come to my attention that my grammar sucks. For this I apologize. I blame it on everything but myself. But primarily, I blame it on the automatic spelling error correction feature on my word processing program and my lack of patience to police it. Damn you, computer! For your enjoyment have included a portion of the email my mother recently sent to me to bring this to my attention. She is, of course, the goddess of proper English. And this is yet another reason I love her. She is a god. And she's damn smart! Enjoy.


Notes from Mom:

Dear E:

"Okay. I really enjoy your blog. I just read it. I understand about dorky men. HOWEVER, I feel compelled to point out some persistent grammar/spelling issues that are becoming reoccurring.
site/sight - place/vision
there/they're/their - place/contraction/possession
to/too - location/also
I do REALLY enjoy your blog. I am just a mother/frustrated proofreader/literary admirer.
If this writing style is indicative of your new, relaxed syntax, please disregard the above editing as the ravings of a syncophant (sic?) with no sense of humor. If, however, your literary muscles are weakening for lack of guidance, please, considered yourself newly guided."


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Anonymous said...

Dear e:

Okaay, soe my litterrary lissense neeeds to b rainned in. I STILL reeely enjoiy yoor blogg.