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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I sure don't think I'm in Georgia anymore Eustace...

Things I have learned, again

Thing One

Tbilisi. Yes, yes, it does sound like a sneeze. You are pronouncing it correctly. I, on the other hand, am more than likely not spelling it properly. Anyways... Tbilisi. It's in Georgia. But it's really really really fricking far from Atlanta. Don't accidentally book your flight here. It's kind of like the Georgia you know but in a really very scary alternate reality. Okay, not really. But there are a ton of bottle blonds who wear far too much makeup there. So it sort of is.

THing two

Nothing kills a good breakfast buffet in the Middle East quite like Ramadan. Trust me.

THing Three

A proper bra really is the most important part of your outfit. Mom is right. Get the girls in line, kids. NObody likes a straggler!

Thing four

The hotel staff at nearly all hotels on any continent in the world will give you the exact same mocking look if you call them to fix your hairdryer and they arrive only to the find that the only problem your hairdryer has is that you are too stupid to push the On button properly. It's truly amazing how you can understand that you are being called a silly dumbass by nearly anyone in any country with just a look. And they say the language barrier is such a problem. I beg to differ!

Okay, kids. That's all for now. Peace out home fries.


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