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Friday, February 15, 2008

School is Cool

I just finished my first knitting class with
this enormous older german woman named cindy. She's tall. It's all a bit overwhelming until you get used to it. She is teaching me how to make a really ugly scarf. I am talking ugly. When I told her that I wanted to learn to knit a really ugly scarf she looked at me like I was mad. She later asked if I was on drugs. That's when we bonded. Cindy and I are tight. That's because we are both very dedicated to knitting.

After I finish my scarf I am moving on to bigger and badder things. I have decided to knit the apocalypse. I know that myth usually involves more weaving and/or spinning (whatever that is) but I'm a modern girl and knitting just seems faster. And really, who the hell knows how to weave?

I'm sure it's rather obvious to you at this point that I am so hopped up on coffee
and ill will towards all man kind that I can hardly see straight. Cindy says that the knitting will either cure me and calm me or drive me "absolutely postal." Isn't she cute?

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