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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Polyester Prom Gown

Recently I lost my mind again. The proof of which is in the fact that after flying 8hrs I had the option to stay at a lovely resort on a sandy beach far from the people and their noise. Yet I chose instead to continue on for still another 8hrs completely surrounded by 230 or so soldier and their stinky feet feet. And then I switched to an American Airlines international flight back to the states and a 1hr drive frome NYC home. All in all this proved approximately a 36hr day. And for all 36 of those hours I was clad in that lovely polyester prom gown complete with control top panty hose and high heeled shoes . We flight attendants like to call this our uniform and we often wear it more than we wear any other single piece of our formidable fashion armada. Go figure. And all this to get a home 24hrs early. And all I have been doing since is unpacking. Woo hoo. What a life of glamour.


Dan Sullivan said...

Doesn't having a home to come back to and the Garlicmeister within make it all worthhile?

Zube Girl said...

Okay, so I *do* think you have kind of a glamorous job.

Until I read this post. 36 HOURS! That's insane! It must have been SO SO nice to be home, eh?

Chris said...

Isn't there an FAA rule about smelly feet? I think I read that the flight crew can jettson the offender to save the rest of the passengers. I might be mistaken about that one.

I hope you survived the 36 hours of flying. I'm always tired after a short three hour flight from Vegas back to Chicago.

Deliberate Chaos

Bill German said...

you deserve a purple heart. It's time to leave this rat race. Oh yeah, you can count on that delta pension when your old and gray.

Erika said...

Oh yeah! I am sooooo dependent on an airline pension. THat's why I spend every dollar that I make every month and don't invest. You know those airlines. They are so well known for taking care of their people. Feel the love ooze like jet fuel out of a broken plane into the broken ozone. I think a purple heart is a bit much. I'd happily settle for a pair of those nifty jumper wings that the special forces jump units get.

36hrs is a bit much, but on the flip side at about 30hrs you get those warm and fuzzy hallucinations. And nothing makes the time fly like hallucination.

Amazingly enough the faa has yet to make a rule about smelly feet and where they can or can not be stowed. I know, it's hard to imagine as they seem to have a tru;y useless and mind boggling rule for practically every other possibile occurence in the known world. Give them time.

The garlicmeister is slightly perturbed by his new nickname. But who cares. I like it and that is, of course, what matters.