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Thursday, October 06, 2005

We Moved

I have been, rather rudely I'll admit, out of touch. Ross and I made an impromptu decision and we moved!!! We found the most amazing little cottage in an amazing community on lands that used to make up a huge farm est. about 1885. We live in one of the original buildings that was originally meant as some sort of caretakers cottage. It looks like an enchanted cottage. But not of the ginger bread house that Hansel and Gretl chose to munch on. Possibly more the sort of place that they did end up being cooked and eaten. Much more realistic maybe.

We have access to lovely old carriage roads and border great state land with hiking trails running thorughout like veins that include a portion of the Appalachian Trail! I am so excited I have given myself gas! I am currently in Lawton Oklahoma getting ready to head out to Ireland but completely homesick for my new little cottage. Okay, I miss Ross too. Wish us well with the unpacking!

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Lowell Johnson said...

Congrats on the new digs! You should have told me you would be in Oklahoma. My wife and I would have bought you a meal.