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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Erika Goes On A Roadtrip. And All You get Are these LOUSY pictures!!!!

After 10 years of wanting I have finally visited the Hostel in the Trees in Brunswick Georgia!!!! You are probably thinking, "WHat the hell took you so long to get there, kid?" Right? I will admit, it is rather out of character to deny myself much of anything for more than a few hours. I am a hedonist. It is not in my nature. But in any event. SO WORTH IT!!!!! YOu simply must go there immediately. Abandon your wives, quit your jobs, sell your souls...I don't care what it takes!!!!! Just Go!!!

You simply have not lived until you have slept in a tree house! Trust me. I am your travel goddess. I know all things. Go There.

My trip started on earnest in Bahrain. I worked there. And instead of doing the rational thing and spending the night before heading home to see poor overworked Ross I rode that damn air plane all the way back to Baltimore. ANd then rented a car. And then drove to Georgia. All in all over a thousand miles.

I stopped for the night in North Carolina and then Beaufort South Carolina where I made lovely friends at Luthers Bar. Here's a shout out to my Luther peeps!!! And then I finally made it to the Hostel in the Trees in Brunswick Georgia. Also known to me as "that place from which much hapiness is born."

As it turns out, mama dukes and Mick were hitting a bike weekend in Northern Florida. And before I knew it all threee of us were finally in the same place at the same time. As you probably know, this is not a common occurence for my family. If we are within 500miles or so of each other we try and put in the effort and get together.

I must say, Mama dukes is looking FINE. Best she's looked in years! GO mom.

THe rest, as it is said, is history.

We slept in a tree house. Each of the different tree houses at Hostel in thge Forest are different and each are hand crafted by a different artist. It's like sleeping in a piece of art hanging out in the sky. Each are open on three sides to the woods, but screened in to protect from bugs. I want to live in a tree house! If that makes me a monkey, so be it!

We visited Jekkly Islands Driftwood beach. Haunting and lovely. THere, I learned that there are a thousand ways to sit in a tree. And each one is better than the one before. I swam naked in the ocean and howled at the moon.

The following day, mom Mick and I tried in vain, of course, to catch the final ferry of teh day to Cumberland Island to see the Wild Horses. As we are rather lax in time management we ended up visiting the Submarine Museum instead.

That evening mom and I stayed up in the trees while mick lived up the road at the RV. He thinks we're nuts, by the way. Big Surprise. Mom and I are used to that assessment. After a great dinner with the hostel-mates there was fire and wine and music. All in perfect compliment.

Our final morning at the hostel mom and I wandered the trails and showere at the Angel Shower, a lovely outdoor shower surrounded by trees and art. Then we said our goodbyes to our new friends and joined Mick for a tour of the nearby islands on the Harleys. Mom looks good on a Harley. I must say.

Finally, after a few more hours of driving I am in Valdosta Georgia where, unfortunately, I head back to work tomorrow. But it's a little hard to complain about going to Ireland, isn't it? SO I'll shut now.

Enjoy the pictures. And Go to the Hostel in the Trees!!!!

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Dan Sullivan said...

That driftwood looks more like a drift wood, nay, I would say a drift forest.

Erika said...

Yes, it does look likea drift forest. Beautifulo but so sad.

Dan Sullivan said...

There are rumours we won't be see ya hereabouts again!

Dan Sullivan said...