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Friday, May 12, 2006

tired in Ennis Ireland

I somehow happened to bear witness to Ireland's 3 days of real summer. Glorious, really, but so few places have a/c. SO very hot, hot, hot. I wilt in the heat. In spite of the fact that I spend much time in desert climes I just wilt. And at least they have chilled pools. Yes, chilled pools in the desert. I love them.

ANd somehow I am on the sleeping pattern of death. The kind where you are up all night and fall nicely asleep at about 6am only to wake again at about 4pm and do it all over again. And no, dad, this is not an alcohol induced craziness. Nor am I a lesbian (yet dad, yet)

Tommorrow morning I am headed out of here and back into the lovely chilled pools and air conditioned resorts of the middle east.

Pictures of the Cliffs of Moher coming soon.


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