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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fluffy goes to prison

Yesterday Fluffy went to prison. This is Fluffy for those who haven't met the newest addition to Ross's and my freaky furry family. And yesterday she went to prison. She spent the night in the clink. And, according to Ross at least, she is horribly traumatized and it is all my fault. I let her out. She ran away while I was peeing. She ran all the way to our next door neighbors yard. We are talking 100 or so feet. The horrible neighbor neighbor lady saw her and immediately called the cops who then called the pound to come get her. And off FLuffy went to prison.

Imagine this, is you will. Fluffy in your yard. She is wearing a huge fan style collar to keep her from scratching herself. She looks ridiculous but oddly enough she's still kind of cute. You see her. DO you a: cart your cookies next door and ask if she is missing or B: SEND POOR FLUFFY TO DOGGY PRISON!!!! Neighbor lady sucks! Her cat is always in our yard. Next time I see him maybe I will call the pound to come get him. Because obviously that is the nonsensical thing to do, so why not!

Free Fluffy!

On another note: My cab driver is not wearing shoes. And he's singing. God hates me and wants me to be miserable. THis is obviously the only explanation.

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