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Monday, August 21, 2006

Why don't you just pee in the bidet?

What's up with bidets? Italians just love em! I just don't get it. First you pee in the toilet. I get that. But then you move over to the bidet and are forced to squat quite low to hose down your bits and piecesf. Why can't you just pee in the damn bidet? Or better yet, screw the bidet! WHo needs it. The Japanese really got it right. They have the most amazing toilets. Each one has a myriad of buttons with insane pictures on them. One heats the seat for you. Another activates a tiny sprayer that extends out and hoses your dirty bits for you. You can even choose a warm water wash or a cold. But who would ever want the cold water option. I guess it would really wake you up inthe morning, if that's what you're into. Some Japanese toilets even have a vibrate feature! Although I can not forsee a need to vibrate whilst pooing, someone must have, or it probably wouldn't exist, right?

Anyways, I'd love to blather on but I've begun to bore myself. I am back in the states for now!


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Annique said...

Many women I know actually DO pee in the bidet. I do too, it's fast and saves water.
I only have to stop myself, when I am at someone else's home...

In fact it's more like a girl's urinoir, I think. ;o)