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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Howl....O - Ween

There are few places as frightening as the library on
Halloween. Lot's of little lion kings and princesses,
plastic clowns and home made cookie monsters. All
hopped up on candy and good times all under the age of
5 and brimming with cuteness.

So far little Cinderella approached me at the computer
finger stuck up her little nose to the knuckle to
inquire, rather loftily I might add as would befit a
princess, as to what I am doing and if she could be of
service. And little Harry potter keeps peering over at
me and bursting into tears before running away only to
begin the entire process again. Oh, and tiny Pat
Metheny, yes, Ross, I think the child was attempting
to be Pat Metheny or possibly the Hamburglar (it's
truly hard to tell the difference, honestly, you try
it!) almost tripped me on the stone steps. To be fair
that was when I really knew, in my heart of hearts,
that this whole library Halloween excursion was just a
plain old bad idea. But hind sight, as they say,
really is 20 20. So in I went. And here I am.




In the words of Zoolander's great Mugatu "I think I'm
taking crazy pills!"

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