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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

FADD: Flight Attendants Against Drunk Dating


Flight Attendants Against Drunk Dating

Because beer goggles are not a fashion accessory!

How many times have you been out and about and seen a silly gaggle of pretty girls talking animatedly with the local scumbag. And, if you were a guy, you thought, “Dude, what is wrong with the world. I am way cooler than that donkey testes! How can those fine young things not see it?”

Well I will tell you how. It's an insidious, evil, state of being that is often mis-credited as only a simple temporarily bad fashion disaster. But, you and I know better. It is so much more than that!! It is BEER GOGGLES!

Yes, ladies and gents, it is okay to shudder in shame. So many have fallen prey. SO many good men and women have a lovely night on the town only to wake the next morning and turn over to find CHEWBACA next to them! Oh the horror. The shame.

This is why I started FADD. Not for me. For all of us. So no one will ever have to wake up next to Chewbaca again. Unless of course that's what they're into.

(In which case, it must be said that Chewbaca need a little loving too. So get you're freak on, wild child! )

We all owe it to ourselves to join this organization.

We, together with the flight attendants of the world, can stop this horrible morning after tragedy. We can DO THIS!!


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