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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am a Library Terrorist! Be Afraid!

I am a Library Terrorist! Be Afraid!

Or at least that is how I feel as the scary library ladies look me up and down and then up again. You see, I owe them money. I always owe them money. I think that they are prepared to take a contract out on my head if I do not pay them their money. All $18 of it.

Yes, I know, you have to be rather over due to accrue 18 bucks worth of library fines. You, you old slave driver, probably even think that their ire is rather appropriate. But think about for a minute if you will.

I am a freaking international charter flight attendant who is often out of the country far longer than the allotted 2 weeks. Cut me some god damn slack, already!

I mean really, is it really necessary to glare at me as if I am public enemy number one every time that I enter the library? Can't you just take my cash gracefully and SHUT UP about it?

Screw You! You mean old library lady!

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Anonymous said...

a pox on the meanee!!


p.s. (online renewals?)