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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beaufort South Carolina

I am in Beaufort. They roll up the grass on Sundays. It is Sunday here. Somehow I found a place to amuse myself. Go Luthers!!!! Can you say Jager Bombs? I can. Barely. It is rather hard to say much at all right now.

Ross passed his first major graded recital of his PHD program!!!! Yeah Ross!!!!!!!! And he bought us season passes to a water park in New Jersey. I have no idea why. But it does sound like fun.

Have I mentioned that tonight's ghetto plex smells of urine and popcorn. And oddly heady and truly appalling fragrance. Please do not turn it into a candle or room spray.

Tomorrow I am off to Brunswick Georgia. Mama dukes is meeting me there on Tuesday. We are staying at this crazy hippy hostel that I have been talking about visiting for almost 10 years called Hostel in the Forest

You should all go there.

I need sleep. Beaufort SC rocks. You should all go there as well.

Much love,

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