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Friday, April 07, 2006

Weird Things You Find In San Diego

Ross and I are in San Diego today. And it's undeniable...we're weird. And in honor of us and weirdness in general (wave it like a flag, kids!) This post is all weird things I noticed this morning while walking around the Gas Light district in San Diego. And, as always, topping the list is Ross and his sombrero. He insists on wearing it. I like it. It's huge and straw and all bent out of shape. And, damn it, it's oddly alluring in a bizarre Ross is weird sort of way. And did I mention Ross curently has the remains of a wool sock on his forearm. It's sort of a misplaced 80's arm band. Oh yeah, Ross is all rock and roll today. I'd tell you why, but why spoil the mystery for you. But enough about Ross.

And more about Mexico!!!!

We meet up with that intrepid green bus tomorrow at 7:30 am. And then off with 34 other strangers to the middle of nowhere Baja for 5 days of drunken, crazy beach fun. For more on this madnesscheckout out the Green Tortoise website

Wish us well. We will be gone until Easter Sunday. Lots of pictures on our return. Be well.

Remember to enjoy Jesus is dead weekend. You know, that weekend between Good Friday and Easter Sunday where Jesus is dead and you can do whatever you want.

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